The Rave offers live webcasts on certain shows.
To view a live webcast: (you will need a relatively current version of Adobe Flash Player. Download it free, here.)


  • When you're ready to watch the broadcast, visit
  • Be sure to register or log in.
  • Select the show to watch.
  • In some cases, you may be asked if you'd like to share your email address with the band(s).
  • The stream will be available approximately 30 minutes before the show begins. We will play a test pattern or promotional content for that 30 minutes until the show begins. You may also hear a test tone. The tone will be about the same volume of the broadcast. That should help you set your speaker levels.
    The Rave TV may also play music from unsigned artists before a show or during set change.


    If you're still getting a test signal or promotional content after the scheduled time of the event, the event may be running a few minutes late.

    If you're on the webcast page prior to when the test signal or promotional content begins, you will need to refresh your browser for the stream to load. The page does not automatically reload when the stream begins.

    If your video is buffering or pausing:
    Make sure no other activity is happening on your network. Your little sister could be watching Justin Beiber videos in another room, hogging up your bandwidth.
    Quit any unnecessary programs running on your computer that could be competing for resources.
    In the lower right corner of the player, you can change your stream quality to a lower quality which uses lower bandwidth.
    Power off and restart your modem.
    Power off and restart your computer.
    Watching on a wireless device in convenient, however, keep in mind that internet access on a wireless device is typically slower than on a wired device. Your signal may not be as strong on a wireless device, and video quality may be lower.

    If you get a white screen with the phrase "Server Too Busy," just hang tight about 30 seconds and refresh your browser. We are using "Cloud Servers" which automatically expand as more visitors access the website. You may be hitting the website just as it is about to expand.

    The Rave TV uses "cookies" to make sure you're a registered user. You must have cookies turned on in your browser to view our webcasts. We do NOT track your internet habits outside of our website.


    The Rave TV broadcasts H.264 video at 500kpbs or 650kbps. This is ensure that people with slower connections can still connect to the stream. This should work well for people with a 750kbps connection and higher.

    We recommend viewing our webcasts from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 750Kbps. To test your speed, go to Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on WiFi and mobile internet), so running 3 tests is recommended.

    The Rave TV tests our webcasts on all four major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). The Rave TV does not guarantee that our stream will work on other devices such as XBOX or PlayStation, or on outdated versions of tested browsers.


    For assistance on webcast nights, email
    This mailbox is only monitored starting one hour before broadcast on show nights.

    For general questions, email

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